Job scam? Amp Exposure

Job scammers are the low of the low. Disgusting bottom feeders. Unfortunately, job scams are quite common and there are many different types. There’s a great article I found on The Balance called Common Job Scams and How to Avoid Them.

I learned about Amp Exposure from a job board posting. They were looking to fill a number of positions that centered on public relations, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. It sounded pretty good and they were locally based so I applied.

They got back to me very quickly and were quite enthusiastic to talk to me, which of course is always a red flag. I searched out the company on the internet and found numerous complaints by former employees who reported misleading job ads, shady business practices, business name changes and were basically declaring the company to be a scam.

Also of note is that this company seems to have affiliations with other shifty companies and/or people. These are: Amplify Management, Smart Circle, Winston Greyson (or Grey), Greyson Fesperson)

This is how I learned about phishing scams. A phishing scam is the act of using false pretenses to get people’s personal information.

Here’s what I gathered together from doing searches on this “company”:

Glassdoor #1:

Glassdoor #2:

Complaints Board

Ripoff Report #1:

Ripoff Report #2:


Be safe out there job seekers!


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