Beautiful Florida: Mead Botanical Garden

Mead Botanical Garden is “an urban oasis where nature, people and culture are in harmony” located in Winter Park. You can take classes, hike, camp, attend special events, volunteer in the community gardens or you can even hold a wedding ceremony. Visit Mead Garden.

IMG_6925 (2)
Wrought iron butterfly bench: Photo by JoAnn Ryan
IMG_6922 (2)
Pathway at Mead Gardens: Photo by JoAnn Ryan

Best of all though, is the blossoms. I’m not a flower expert so I did my best to try and identify the names of the these flowers.

IMG_6928 (2)
Yellow sunflower: Photo by JoAnn Ryan
IMG_6915 (2)
Dark Pink Rose: Photo by JoAnn Ryan
IMG_6933 (2)
Light pink gardenia: Photo by JoAnn Ryan

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