The dreaded ‘N’ word!

No, I don’t mean that…. I mean networking. Eek.

I find networking through blogging to be fairly easy, but networking in real life…. like face to face…. horrifying.

And yet, there’s so much talk about the importance of networking these days when looking for a job or trying to build a business.

Well, since I’ve already admitted that I’m no expert on this topic, here’s a link to an article that I found interesting: How to Find the Right People to Network With.

It’s not just networking, but it’s networking with the right people in the right way. My New Year’s resolution was to conquer social anxiety, so I just need to leap out confidently and work to build those relationships. So easy to say, but let’s see how I feel when I’m actually out trying to swim with the sharks! Maybe I shouldn’t think of them as sharks, but rather as dolphins with occasional sharp teeth.



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