Can you see my scars?

We all have them. Some are visible and others aren’t. The ones you can’t see can sometimes be the worst.

I recently saw a post on Facebook of a friend who was very proud of her son learning to play guitar. I thought that was so cool, but also felt sad since I haven’t had that kind of thing in a long time. I had a great mother, but she was taken from me at a young age.

My father wasn’t so good at his role. I’ve learned to forgive him, but I’m still scarred by all the love and guidance I never received.

I lived a self-damaging life for many years. I’m trying to turn it around, but it ain’t easy by any means. The world can be a cold cold place sometimes.

Meditation, mindfulness and learning to feel gratitude for what I have (the best of which is good friends!) and not what I don’t have has become a salvation.

Orlando Murial.png

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