10,000 houses of worship: St. Stephen and The Foundry Church

I’ve recently become a bit obsessed by visiting churches, synagogues, temples, etc. I know it’s kind of an odd obsession. Most people stick with just one… or at least one type.

I haven’t been particularly religious for a long time. I’m one of those people who grew up in a religion that was so strict and confining that as soon as I was old enough I rebelled.

It took many years to chip away the unsavory aspects of religious that caused me to rebel. I had to realize that religion itself is not a bad thing… it’s the people who exploit, misuse, misinterpret, control or otherwise tarnish the notion of religion.

So, I became interested in religion again, but where to go? Then I thought, why not visit as many as I can. There’s a lot worse things a person can do with their time.

A couple of weeks ago I visited The Foundry Church. I discovered this church when I attended a toastmasters meeting, which was held in one of the meeting rooms of the church. There I met some of the warmest and friendliest people I’ve ever met in my life.

It was a great experience! If I had known I was going to blog about it I would have taken better pictures.

thumbnail (2)
The Foundry Church – JoAnn Ryan – Winter Springs, FL


Another Sunday I decided to visit St. Stephen Catholic Church, also located in Winter Springs. When I was growing up, the Catholic Church was made to seem evil…  false prophets who led people astray. I realize now how nutty and manipulative that sounds.

Anyway, visiting both churches was a great experience and I’m feeling very spiritual and content today.

St Stephan WS2.jpg
St. Stephan Catholic Church – JoAnn Ryan
St Stephan WS.jpg
St. Stephen Catholic Church – JoAnn Ryan


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