Just be cool: Driving safe in Florida

Since becoming a Lyft driver several months ago I’ve seen a lot of shocking things out on the Central Florida roadways. Orlando is a rapidly growing city and this has created many traffic problems. The streets are crowded and get easily backed up.

Unfortunately, the current road system was designed long ago for a much smaller city. Construction projects are ongoing but progress seems very slow. Getting around is taking longer and it seems to be driving a lot of people crazy… and I mean CRAZY!

Road safety is going out the window, which makes things more dangerous for everyone. I see accidents and road rage all day long. Even me, the cool, calm and collected person that I am can sometimes feel like I’m losing my mind.

Patience on the road is probably the single most important thing to remember. People don’t always take enough time to get where there going. Juggling the necessities of life can be a challenge and time can be short, but its far better to get somewhere late then to jeopardize health and safety.

Reviewing road rules is always a great idea too. Here is one I see getting broken all the time: Right on red and u-turns

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