Florida road laws: Right on red vs u-turn

Right on red and u-turns

U-turns are a necessity in the Orlando area. There are a lot of boulevards and getting turned around without them can be next to impossible. They are also perfectly legal as long as they are made in a safe manner.

I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit confusion about the right of way when making u-turns.

Here’s the rule: when making a right on red, unless there’s signage that advises otherwise, the driver must yield to the person making a u-turn.

People making a right on red need to remember that a red light means to stop. A right turn is only allowed when there is no on-coming traffic. For that matter, stopping at the red light needs to be done in a safe manner also. This means a full stop, not a rolling stop or a stop that is mid-way through the intersection.

Abuse of right on red priveledges have led some neighborhoods to put up “no right on red” signs.

There’s a really good write-up about this law here:


You can also look up the Florida legislative statute here:


Safe driving out there!

6 thoughts on “Florida road laws: Right on red vs u-turn

    1. In Florida, the person making a u-turn goes first unless there is a sign that says otherwise. A sign like this may say “no u-turn” or there’s another one you may see on occasion that says “u-turn must yield to right turn.” These signs can’t always be seen by the right-turn driver though. Rule of thumb is to always look and make sure someone isn’t make a u-turn. Thanks for reading!


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