Florida law: Don’t leave your fridge in your yard


(Org. pub 9/28/17)

Don’t leave your fridge in your yard (or your washer, stove, dryer etc.)

You would think this law was put in place because such things are eye-sores… and they are… but what the law actually says is that such appliances are a menace to children’s’ health and safety…. and it doesn’t matter if they are trespassing on your property or not.

Bottom line, if a kid wanders into your yard and gets trapped inside (yikes!) or gets hurt messing with your rusty old fridge (or any of your other appliances), you could be in some serious trouble.

Such cases seem to be extremely rare these days, but prior to the passing of the Refrigerator Safety Act in 1956, this was reportedly a common occurrence.

{Fla. Sta. 823.08}

5 thoughts on “Florida law: Don’t leave your fridge in your yard

  1. Great post! Brought to mind driving through northern Missouri and seeing kitchen appliances on front porches and cars on blocks in the front yard. Some neighbors seemed to compete: less was not more there. 🙂

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