Depression screening day: 5 things to combat depression

Updated (Org. pub 10/5/17)

I’ve struggled with depression in the past and I continue to struggle with it. Yes, I’m fully admitting that. It isn’t fun and it’s even worse when people tell you things like:

What reason do you have to be depressed? Don’t you know there are people who have it a lot worse?

See a shrink already, will ya?

Are you eating right?

You just need to exercise more.

I get quite a bit of exercise actually, I try to eat well most of the time and I’ve seen enough shrinks to fill up a good sized hot tub.

Still, sometimes I struggle. Here are a few things I do that seems to help…

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World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World. Photo credit: JoAnn Ryan/

Talk to supportive people

I used to feel so alone in life, but the last several years I’ve really tried to work on the relationships I have with other people. I try to maintain a healthy balance of admitting I’m depressed, talking through it and then helping other people with their life struggles (pretty much everyone has them.) This last one is very important… try to avoid being an attention hog, please, even as tempting as it can be sometimes {wink, wink}.


Music has been my salvation from depression many many times. I sing and play the piano–there’s no need to be good–although people seem to generally like it when I sing and play.

I also tend to listen to certain songs and artists when I’m feeling down. Lady Gaga, Smashing Pumpkins, Sia, Garbage and Lionel Richie are just a few of the artists that tend to make me feel better about life in general.

Animal Kingdom1 (2)
World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World. Photo credit: JoAnn Ryan/

Mindfulness reading/exercises

I love love love reading Dr. Wayne Dyer. Eckhart Tolle is great, too. There are a lot of books, workbooks, YouTube videos and online articles about mindfulness and mindfulness exercises you can try. If you have the ability to concentrate on them diligently, they actually work wonders, for me they have anyway.

Find ones that work for you when you need them.

Watch a good movie

I can’t stay depressed when I watch movies like Forest Gump, Legally Blonde, Stranger Than Fiction, As Good as It Gets and Freedom Writers.

Participate in the online community

I myself find this one easy to do. Read blogs (like this one!) and visit social media sites. Make comments and chat with people who have similar interests. I don’t believe people who try and say this kind of engagement is bad for various reasons. If you’re having a bad day and this is the only way you feel like engaging in the world, then do it.

However, please please please avoid being that crazy angry idiot who spews hatred all over the internet. Doing such things and hiding behind a fake online name/profile is really low and cowardly I think. There’s nothing wrong with venting over the things that bother us, but do try and attempt to do so in a healthy way.

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