Florida foliage: The strange bottlebrush flower

I saw this weird phallic-looking flower on a tree/shrub (wasn’t sure.) Had to investigate to see what it was.

Floridians call it bottlebrush.  It is indeed considered to be a shrub although, to throw a curve ball, it can also be considered a tree if it grows tall enough.

The bottlebrush shrub is actually native to Australia, where it is called Callistemon.

IMG_0839 (2)
Bottlebush flower – Winter Springs, FL – JoAnn Ryan

See more great photos of the bottlebrush flower here:




IMG_0840 (3)
Bottlebush flower – Winter Springs, FL – JoAnn Ryan
IMG_0844 (2)
Bottlebush shrub – Winter Springs, FL – JoAnn Ryan

12 thoughts on “Florida foliage: The strange bottlebrush flower

    1. You’re welcome! I love the digital age. You can keep up with people all over the globe and learn about the interesting things they are doing.

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  1. Oh wow. I did not know all of that.
    Thanks for the extra info.
    Different colors? Will have to find some more pictures online or maybe you can post some on your blog 🙂


  2. Yes we have many different colours and sub species of Bottlebrush in Australia. The Bottlebrush and Grevillea are the two important nectar producers for our native birds as are eucalypt blossom. We have a Bottlebrush in the backyard and it is constantly covered in birds 😊

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