Florida foliage: Sweet pea or snapdragon?

I snapped these photos near Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.When I compared them to photos I saw online I initially thought they were sweet pea.

Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

Then I saw photos of the snapdragon. The flowers of both plants look very similar. It’s the leaves and stems that give it away though. The snapdragon has much smaller leaves than sweet pea and the leaves are bunched up densely along the stem, giving it sort of a tower look. Sweet pea is much less confined. The stems grow longer and have more of a free-flowing vining look.

IMG_0958 (2)
Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

As far as landscape gardening, the snapdragon appears much more uniform and easier to control. However, if you have one of those glorious backyard Florida gardens left partially or nearly wholly untamed, sweet pea seems like it would fit in perfectly.

Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

Here are some pages I discovered that have many nice photos of the sweet pea flower:




Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

8 thoughts on “Florida foliage: Sweet pea or snapdragon?

  1. Hi there JoAnn, I’m glad you liked my blog on sweet peas and thank you for including the link in your post. The standout difference between snapdragons and sweet peas must be the beautiful sweet pea fragrance…

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    1. Thank you and no problem. Your photos are beautiful and detailing the process of growing sweet peas was very informative and interesting.


  2. Oh nice.
    I see online that there are many different colors as well. Going to keep my eye out for them and get more photos


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