Famous Floridians: Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne in 1943. He was a military brat whose family moved around a lot, thus he didn’t stay in Florida for long. A few years later his sister was born in New Mexico. A year after that his brother was born in California.


He did return to Florida for a time though in 1963. He lived with his grandparents in Clearwater before attending Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee.

The first of several arrests for Morrison occurred in Florida. Cementing his legendary bad boy image, he got drunk and caused a lot of mayhem at an FSU football game. Allegedly, he taunted the football players and some spectators, resisted arrest and stole a police officer’s helmet.


Oddly enough, his last arrest took place in Florida as well. It was his first time back since his first arrest, and it’s assumed he only returned to Florida so that he could perform at the concert. I’m sure he ended up regretting it though. In Miami, he was charged with public exposure and profanity during a concert. The charges were suspect though and he was (much) later pardoned by Florida Gov. Charlie Christ in 2010. Unfortunately this occurred long after his death in 1971. Read more about this and his other arrests here.

Luckily though, after that first arrest he returned to California. This is where he became the famous frontman of The Doors. The rest is well-known history.



9 thoughts on “Famous Floridians: Jim Morrison

    1. That must have been a great concert. From what I’ve read I think he was a bit of tortured soul. Made for great music though.


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