After eating your coconut, this is what to do with the shells

People have done some cool things with leftover coconut shells. Here are a few examples.

Make a cool sculpture… or you could buy one. I think you could put one of those little fake candles inside to make it glow.



Make buttons... or buy them on Amazon.



Make drinking goblets… or buy a set from Art Export.



Make Jewelry… or buy it. I couldn’t find ordering info for these pieces but there is an email address listed on the site to make enquiries.

Coconut Cultivation Board


Make an instrument… or buy one from Saatchi Art.

Saatchi Art


And of course, what list isn’t complete without the coconut bikini top. If you don’t feel inclined to make them they are available on many different sites even Walmart, Party City and Etsy.

Google Express


**Please note that I’m not endorsing or recommending any of these products or online stores and that they are presented for informational purposes only. 

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