Florida flowers: Spiderwort

I hope everyone had a great Easter or Passover or just a nice weekend!!

Spiderwort: What an odd name for such a beautiful flowering plant. Spiderwort is sorta considered a weed, but I don’t think that makes it any less beautiful. I saw these growing wild along the road when I was taking a morning walk. The bright purple color instantly caught my eye.

JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL
One thing I find rather remarkable is that my Iphone camera seems to pick up more of the flowers’ detail than I can see with my naked eye. I love technology.
JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL
Here are several awesome blog pages that have additional photos of the Spiderwort.
JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

29 thoughts on “Florida flowers: Spiderwort

    1. Nice. I love driving through Georgia and stopping to get fresh peaches and pecans. Those fresh pecans are so delicious! I’m a sucker for roadside produce stands 🙂🌺

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    1. They are native to North and South America I believe. They have been introduced in several places around the world just not Malta yet I guess 🙂🌺

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  1. Thanks so much for including me. I enjoyed seeing the other photos, and will follow you, since I can’t get enough of wonderful flowers, and really enjoy some other Florida blogs I follow.

    I found a species of spiderwort I’ve never seen last weekend — the hairy spiderwort. I don’t have a good photo of it yet, but I will.

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    1. Oh nice. I followed you so I will watch out for a future post. 🙂🌺🌷
      I never realized how popular my flower photos would be when I started posting them but I’ve had a lot of fun identifying them and then seeing the wonderful photos other people have taken as well.

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      1. I just looked and it seems your ‘follow’ didn’t take. That’s been happening now and then for the past couple of weeks — one of those WordPress glitches. So, you might want to follow again. I’m looking forward to browsing your archives, too!

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        1. Hmm, it says I’m following on my end… I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes a little while for it to fully update.


    1. In some beginning, there-were-many-weeds, and “beauty,” it-was-seldom-seen! – – – Then, people started-to-‘ppreciate-things, by-saying: “Look! That’s KEEN!” – – – And, slowly-it-seems, there-were-fewer-“WEEDS!” – – – – We-[then]-called-them-“flowers,” and-collected-their-seeds! – – – And gave them love, and-brought-them-inside! – – – They-just-got-so-pretty! [From-LOVE-you-can’t-hide!]

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