Memorandum at midnight: Power

What if this life is just a test? What if all the terrible things you've been through are just to see how strong you can truly be... how much you can endure and still persevere? How much hatred can be hurled at you and still be able to love? How much evil can be thrown … Continue reading Memorandum at midnight: Power


Would you wear a black wedding dress?

Want to have a truly non-traditional wedding? Try a black wedding dress. Some of these are quite beautiful and some are quite daring. Others I would only wear on Halloween. How about you? One thing is for sure, you will be showstopping and absolutely unforgettable! Misses Dressy Harper's Bizarre Singapore Wedding Forward The Best Wedding Dresses MissZhu … Continue reading Would you wear a black wedding dress?

Food: What to eat in Florida

There are many beloved Florida foods. Oranges, Key lime pie, strawberries and of course a wealth of fresh seafood. Caribbean fusion is huge. But just how adventurous are you? What about oysters, and kumquats. Or, that most exotic Florida food: gator. Gator tails, gator jerky, gator bites, etc. Here are some great sites to check out … Continue reading Food: What to eat in Florida

5 things to try when you feel lonely

At certain points in my life, mostly when I was a lot younger, I experienced frequent bouts of intense loneliness. I also felt a tremendous amount of shame for my own loneliness. Why couldn't I be happy and social like everyone else my age? What was wrong with me? It took me a long time … Continue reading 5 things to try when you feel lonely

Food: Berry Vinaigrette Salad

I've been caught up with so many interesting endeavors lately that I realized I haven't posted a recipe in a long time. Here's one that's perfect for summer. It's from my upcoming book, Sustenance & Harmony. Hope you enjoy it! Ingredients 1 6-ounce carton of fresh ripe raspberries 1 6-ounce carton of fresh ripe blueberries … Continue reading Food: Berry Vinaigrette Salad

Florida weather report: Tis the season…

No, it's not the Christmas season. It's the season of... Remember all those months you spent gloating to the Northerners about how "horrible" the winter was down here in Florida. Seriously, they were getting slammed by 50 feet of snow, mind-numbing blizzards and freezing-cold temperatures. Their cars were running off the road and crashing, they were … Continue reading Florida weather report: Tis the season…

9 most beloved blog post topics

Since entering the blogging world back in 2017, I've noticed some things about the blogs I routinely visit as well as posts of mine that seem to be the most popular. We all have different interests and likes, but there are some things that people tend to universally love. Whether you are a brand-new blogger or … Continue reading 9 most beloved blog post topics

Florida flowers: The ornate oleander

Oleander is one of the most popular and well-known flowers in the world. It's so prolific across the globe that its native origin is not known, although it's thought to be native to the middle east.