Trying to get your thoughts under control? Try this journaling exercise

When I first began keeping a journal, quite a few years ago now, I started out with the lofty notion that perhaps one day my wise and wonderful journal writings would be published throughout the world for everyone's praise and enjoyment. At the time I'd been reading several famous journals and diaries that were so lovely, … Continue reading Trying to get your thoughts under control? Try this journaling exercise


Memo at midnight: Love the world, beware the lion

One life lesson from my favorite college writing teacher that I never forgot: be like Walt Whitman and love everything. Whitman loved the city and the country. He loved the islands and the mountains. He loved giant oceans and small brooks. Trust me when I say I know how difficult this can be. Sometimes it seems like the world f##ks you up … Continue reading Memo at midnight: Love the world, beware the lion

The beautiful and the dramatic, woman in red

A few weeks ago I posted some awesome photos of dramatic black wedding dresses. While I was checking those out I also saw all these beautiful red dresses and gowns. Red is my favorite color so I knew they would end up in a future post. Here they are. Aren't they just magnificent! … Continue reading The beautiful and the dramatic, woman in red

Food: Mushroom and Rosemary Linguine

(Org. pub 8/26/17) Linguine, mushrooms and aromatic rosemary are quite delicious in this variation of fettuccine Alfredo. It’s not diet food though, but rather one of those special treats to make on occasion. Then again, you could omit the butter and use olive oil only. You could also use low-fat milk or milk substitute in … Continue reading Food: Mushroom and Rosemary Linguine

Awesome words to say and write

I was feeling a bit down yesterday for a number of reasons. Yeah, it still happens sometimes. I've just gotten better at snapping out of it. So, to make myself feel better I decided to write a post about one of my favorite things in the whole world, words. To demonstrate just how much of … Continue reading Awesome words to say and write

Sunshine blogger award

Sunshine Blogger Award: Thank you so much to Charlene from Curiosity and Confession for nominating my blog!! I think it's so great when blogger love is dispensed around the blogosphere. I feel so happy I could run through the meadow like Julia Andrews... ok, I'm probably more like Carrie from Little House on the Prairie tripping … Continue reading Sunshine blogger award

Food: Eating cookies for breakfast is ok

Allow me to pose a serious philosophical question: If you're going to eat a cookie, does it really matter what time of day you eat it? Would it not be better to eat it in the morning so you have time to work it off during the day? Is it any worse than eating a … Continue reading Food: Eating cookies for breakfast is ok

Mental health superstar: Prince William

In the last several years, Prince William has become vocal about his struggles with mental health issues. He launched a mental health campaign to aid other people dealing with the same struggles. Most everyone in the world knows the story of the Bristish royal family, it's all over the media all the time, but few of us … Continue reading Mental health superstar: Prince William