Memo at midnight: Giving advice

When we give advice to other people, if we want them to truly believe us, it has to come from a place deep within us. This is where all of our past experiences, including our hurt and our pain, has been stored. When we give advice, what we are often really saying is that something bad has happened to us in the past, and if it happens again we want to know how to handle it as best as we can. We want others to as well.

Love is all around you… Love is knockin’ outside your door… Love is going to find its way back to you, I know – “Love Song” Tesla. (What I was listening to when I wrote this post. One of my favorite songs!)

Memorandum at midnight: Power

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11 thoughts on “Memo at midnight: Giving advice

  1. Very true.

    I find that unless advice is sincerely and specifically asked for, any advice we give is unlikely to be acted upon, however sincerely well-intentioned it may be.

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    1. Yes, what I really mean is that a lot of people who give advice are actually giving that advice to themselves in a round about way. I’ve done it myself.

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