Awesome words to say and write

I was feeling a bit down yesterday for a number of reasons. Yeah, it still happens sometimes. I’ve just gotten better at snapping out of it. So, to make myself feel better I decided to write a post about one of my favorite things in the whole world, words.

To demonstrate just how much of a complete word nerd I am, I have, appropriately enough, a Word file on my computer where I keep words. Yes, just words. Words I hear and love. Words I can’t help but say out loud when I read them. What do I intend to do with these words? Mostly nothing, except maybe when I need to make up a screen name or something. Sometimes I just open the file and read the words and sometimes I add new words. Perhaps I’m finally going full-blown crazy?

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Naw, not quite yet. Here are some of my words from my Word file. Feel free to share your own beloved words in the comments below or maybe even links to nice poems that employ great words. Turn it into a mindfulness exercise if, like me, you’re kinda having a bad day.

Here they are:


Stone (and words that contain stone) – sandstone, rhinestone. Pebble is a nice word, also.

Paint – also painter and painting



Conundrum – kinda clunky and amusing all by itself

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And a bunch of others in alphabetical order:









Discombobulated (disconnected or confused)

Draconic (harsh or severe)


Ethereal (delicate, light and perfect)



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Intrinsic (belonging to the essential nature of a thing)




Magnanimous (generous or forgiving)


Nincompoop (I use this one a lot actually)


Skedaddle (I just love telling people to skedaddle. It’s fun.)



Tomfoolery (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


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19 thoughts on “Awesome words to say and write

  1. You are NOT going crazy, JoAnn. I write down special words all the time, but have done so on paper, so that I have little piles of words or expressions scattered here and there. I should start a digital file. I love the word flummoxed.

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  2. Yes, telling people to skedaddle is fun. It always makes people laugh. I know a few words in Spanish. I always remember the names of food the best – fresas for strawberries and cebollas for onions πŸ™‚ πŸ“ πŸ“πŸ“

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  3. I love the list! I should start my own word list. Skedaddle sounds like a fun one to use πŸ˜„ I like the word “luminous” – luminosity. I’ve tried learning other languages and never managed to be disciplined at learning them fluently, but some words remained memorable like “pineapple” in portuguese is “abacaxi”. The x shounds like shi. It sounds more elegant in portuguese.

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  4. Not full-blown crazy. Nice list! I do it too, in journals, my phone, possibly a word doc, all randomly saved. You reminded me I should compile a master list.

    Sapphire seas

    You never know how, when, or where you might need them.

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