Florida flowers: Ixiolirion tataricum

Update: So as a wise reader pointed out, this is actually most likely tulbaghia violacea. Society garlic or pink agapanthus is its common name. It’s in the onion family and thought to be native to Africa. Just goes to show how easy it can be to misidentify plants.

I will still leave up the info about the Siberian lily…

Siberian lily and lavender mountain Lily are both common names of a beautiful delicate flower that looks quite similar to society garlic. It is native to Central and Southwest Asia.

I’m so glad people have come up with common names for flowers because the “real” names can be tongue twisters for some of us.

Orlando Florida – JoAnn Ryan

As with most of the flower photos I take, I saw these when I was walking around downtown Orlando one day. There’s so many beautiful flowers here everywhere! Having year round greenery is one of my very favorite things about Florida. I used to get seasonal depression up north in the winter because the cold and snow would stick around for so long! Yikes! I certainly don’t have that problem here in Florida. I advise people DO NOT move here unless you really love warm/hot weather… you will be miserable… I love it though!

Orlando Florida – JoAnn Ryan

I find it amazing how when you shift your camera it can shift the light around and thus photos taken within minutes of each other can look quite different. I guess that’s just one of the many wonders of photography.

Have a great day!

Orlando Florida – JoAnn Ryan
Orlando Florida – JoAnn Ryan


14 thoughts on “Florida flowers: Ixiolirion tataricum

  1. Beautiful photo’s JoAnn! 🙂

    Did you notice the spider’s web and the cricket? (6 legged spider?) on the flowers in the top photo?

    I’m not sure how they were identified, but i believe the flower is actually a species of pink agapanthus, also known as society garlic (related to the cooking bulbs) – probably a cultivar of Tulbarghia violaceae (robustior?) although i have not found a picture of one such a deep pink as yours. The Siberian lily’s have six stamen easily visible which i can’t see in your pics?

    Here are 2 links you can compare:

    I am providing a flower identification service on my blog (free – for now!) 😉 See the page just under my blog banner.

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    1. Oh that’s cool. Thanks for the info. I use an app called plant snap. Its really cool. You just upload the photo and it tells you what the plant/flower is. This is the ID I got from them. 🌺🌸

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      1. Artificial Intelligence (such as your app uses) now has the ability to learn from it’s own mistakes and so will just keep on getting better and better at every task it is set to.

        It’s nice to know i can beat a machine at one thing at least! But how long before we all become ‘redundant’, I wonder?

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          1. We’re already at the point where the most advanced machines can do virtually everything better than the average human being, even holding conversations with other human beings! (many telephone or on-line customer service operators/help desks are bots!)

            I saw a video of robot stand and then do a somersault from a standing position! Robot sporting contests cannot be far away. The military has many different kinds of autonomous robots including those that can walk on any terrain, both on two legs and on four (and even two wheels!).

            Troubling times ahead i suspect. 😦

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            1. Yes. Good and bad. I see that they’re coming up with police robots to make arrests and shooter takedowns easier. Its supposed to keep officers safer. Other than that I hope it doesn’t get too crazy though.

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