The beautiful and the dramatic, woman in red

A few weeks ago I posted some awesome photos of dramatic black wedding dresses. While I was checking those out I also saw all these beautiful red dresses and gowns. Red is my favorite color so I knew they would end up in a future post. Here they are. Aren’t they just magnificent!

 red wedding dresses
women's red gowns and dresses

**This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be an endorsement of the products listed. Please shop responsibly.

Florida foliage: Egyptian Starcluster

Famous Floridians: Bob Ross

32 thoughts on “The beautiful and the dramatic, woman in red

  1. Wow. Absolutely Amazing dresses! Love them. Red is my favourite colour too. Specifically the vibrant Coral Red colour. I went to a wedding of a girl I worked with in Greece in London many years ago and she got married in a beautiful vibrant stunning red dress. It was such a cool wedding and red flowers in her hair. Reminded me of the Paula Yates dress.

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    1. Lol, good question. Probably the first one since it’s white and red. Best of both worlds? 🙂
      Mostly these are just fantasy dresses for me though. 👗


    1. I know I wish I could be a fashion model for a while… I just want to wear the clothes though, don’t care about anything else that goes with it.

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  2. These are magnificent! Not sure but don’t brides in India and parts of China, or is it Japan, wear red on their wedding day as it’s a lucky colour. I think you should wear whatever you want on your wedding day, it’s your day after all.


    1. I think so, Indian clothing is usually always so colorful, even for the men. I love it! I think Western culture is the only one that does the standard white wedding dress.

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