Memo at midnight: Love the world, beware the lion

One life lesson from my favorite college writing teacher that I never forgot: be like Walt Whitman and love everything. Whitman loved the city and the country. He loved the islands and the mountains. He loved giant oceans and small brooks.

Trust me when I say I know how difficult this can be. Sometimes it seems like the world f##ks you up the a$$ and then takes a dump on you.

At a certain point we have to try as much as possible to love the imperfections of the world, too… either that or put up one h*ll of a fight. Otherwise, such things may devour us… much like this hungry lion might easily make a tasty snack out of any one of us.

Memo at midnight: Giving advice

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12 thoughts on “Memo at midnight: Love the world, beware the lion

  1. This is very good advice, JoAnn. Our modern culture seems to put a lot of weight on being critical and having everything perfect. However, that’s not a realistic outlook and we are happier when we accept and even embrace imperfection and diversity.
    Best wishes,

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