Sunday, sunday: Happiness is…

This is what happiness is…

…beautiful flowers

red garden plant green
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adorable black and white blur boy
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…the ocean

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…snowy mountains

mountain ranges covered in snow
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…animals and children

girl lying on white surface petting gray rabbit
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…watching the rain fall (and not having to be in it)

background blade blur bokeh
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…and of course, love.


What really makes people happy

5 things to try when you feel lonely

sea sunset beach couple
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heart shape multicolored stand

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11 thoughts on “Sunday, sunday: Happiness is…

  1. All endorphin-releasers for sure, JoAnn! Of course, the happiness increases exponentially when you have two of these things together.

    Flowers for a love? Yep. How about the rain falling outside as children play with kittens in the living room? Sure. Laughing at the ocean? Um, okay…if that’s your thing.

    Has anyone ever attempted three at once? Theoretically, it’s possible. I heard they’re working on something in a research lab somewhere…

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    1. Hmm, well it could be winter on the ocean somewhere (like Alaska.) You could have the person you love with you plus your children and the family cat. You might spot some stubborn flowers growing out of the snow and everyone laughs. Then all of a sudden it starts to rain. Ha. Everything all at once! I think you would need to read some Edgar Allen Poe or something after that… a case of too much happiness!!

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      1. It all came together too perfectly for you not to have planned it this way JoAnn. While the world obsessed over achieving three perfect moments simultaneously, you found a way to realize all seven.

        Lots of Poe is called for in this situation. Good thing he missed your perfect moment by close to two centuries, else he would’ve spent his days writing about lollipops and smiling rainbows, or whatever.

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        1. Lol, no that would not have been good. I love Wordsworth and Robert Frost but we need writers like Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorn to balance things out! 🙂

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