Memo at midnight: For those hurting right now…

A posting from the memo at midnight series.

Reblog: A story of mental health recovery and advocacy – My Soul Balm

Inspiration is constantly needed when dealing with mental health issues. It keeps our hopes up and revives our spirit. There's nothing more inspirational to me than reading engaging personal stories...

Food: Best coconut recipes and pics

Attention coconut lovers... highlighted here are some of the best coconut recipes and photos I could find. Of course, many more exist than what I could reasonably feature here. If you search coconut on the WP reader you will see a wealth of great photos and recipes. Enjoy! COCONUT BARS RECIPE on MomFoodie This first recipe reminds me of … Continue reading Food: Best coconut recipes and pics

Florida flowers: Lovely lantana

These beautiful odd flowers caught my eye when I was walking around the hood one day. The strange beautiful mixture of colors caught my attention. Lantana is it's name, according to my PlantSnap app. It's native to the American tropics and Africa but has been introduced in places like Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Despite … Continue reading Florida flowers: Lovely lantana