Florida flowers: Lovely lantana

These beautiful odd flowers caught my eye when I was walking around the hood one day. The strange beautiful mixture of colors caught my attention.

Lantana is it’s name, according to my PlantSnap app. It’s native to the American tropics and Africa but has been introduced in places like Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Despite it’s beauty, it can be an invasive species as it tends to drown out many other plants and is also toxic to livestock animals and cats.

Lantana flowers – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

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Lantana flowers – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan
Lantana flowers – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan
Lantana flowers – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

47 thoughts on “Florida flowers: Lovely lantana

    1. Thank you. Florida is great for weather. I think that’s probably the #1 reason people move here. It’s why I moved here! Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂


  1. Lantana is amazing! I love your captures here. How beautiful! Isn’t it awesome how a walk in nature leads you to some of the most incredible natural beauty right in your own backyard sometimes? Thanks for sharing these with us! 💚

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  2. Really, these are part of your natural surroundings? Majorly cool. Up north here, lantanas are available only in greenhouses, and those who buy them must bring them indoors by early autumn.

    Of course; lantanas have to be from somewhere after all. Just never realized that “somewhere” is Florida, among other places! You’ve inspired a nice bout of flower envy with this post.

    By the way, I gathered from your photos you’re from the Orlando area (impressive bit of sleuthing, huh?). When my late grandparents retired, they moved to Port Orange, on the Atlantic coast, several miles south of Daytona. Did you know them? Ha!

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    1. Lol, you’re funny. I moved to Orlando about 7 years ago now. Before that I was a longtime Northerner. Definitely nice to have a greenhouse up there. I love having year round green though. I feel like I was always supposed to live in a warm climate, although I do occasionally miss snow. I used to love to ski. Not only is there no snow here but there are no mountains either. Man made is not the same.
      The Daytona area is nice. It’s good to be a ways inland though when the hurricanes come.

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      1. Being from Idaho, you know exactly what you’re missing too, JoAnn. Someday, the snow’s call will be irresistible. Not bloody likely, huh?

        Your neighbors probably don’t believe the stories you tell them, anyway. Of course, that assumes you even can find born-and-bred Floridians. Everyone’s probably a Northerner fleeing winter’s nonsense.

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        1. Most people in Florida are from somewhere else, especially Orlando. And most are from up north somewhere. It’s becoming a melting pot. 🙂
          I never talk to my neighbors. I really should be more social

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    1. Spain and Portugal sounds lovely. I’ve never been. Hopefully ones of these days.
PlantSnap is great! Helps me feel all brainy and what not 😊

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    1. Thank you. 🙂PlantSnap is great. I’ve learned though that it’s good to upload more than one shot of a flower as sometimes it can misidentify. I’ve only had that happen once so far though. The rest of the time it’s been spot on. 🌺

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