Sunday, sunday: Radical courage…

Even though we may be in a situation of feeling down, depressed, discouraged, etc., sometimes we just have to radically adopt a feeling of courage. We have to radically step out and do exactly what we want to do, and need to do, in life.

This may require us to ignor the inner voice that says: you can’t. We may have to squash the voice that says: you’ll only fail. We may have to smash to bits the voice that says: you’ll only make a fool of yourself. People will only hurt you, laugh at you or ignor you. Everyone is better than you and always will be, just admit it ya big phony.

Oh, if only there was some magic pill or magic solution to make all this smashing and squashing easier! A guardian angel would do nicely. I believe spirituallity and faith in a higher power only go so far. This may help give us a push, but the rest is up to us to step up to the plate and harness our power… to live up to our potential and radically adopt the courage we need to have in life.

Alas, we are all just human beings, trying to do our best.

“I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away… ‘Cause I’m broken when I’m open…” – Seether with Amy Lee (what I was listening to when I wrote this post)

“Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper…” – Blue Oyster Cult (also what I was listening to when I wrote this post)

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Sending you the sunshine… wherever you are