Florida foliage: Bromeliads, peculiar and kinda freaky

Check out this odd looking plant from the bromeliad family. It’s native to South America.

This species, bromelia balasae, is closely related and looks very similar to the pineapple plant.

It doesn’t seem to be a very common ornamental plant though in Central Florida, which is why it caught my eye one day during one of my morning walks.

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20 thoughts on “Florida foliage: Bromeliads, peculiar and kinda freaky

    1. Oh? What part of the world did you run off to? I’m originally from the west… will probably move back there some day I would guess. I miss it. Love the weather here though.


      1. I’m currently in Seattle, but since moving out here I’ve lived in the bay area, as well as Olympia and Tacoma, too. I’m not to keen on the pacific northwest, though. People up here can’t handle my Florida girl assertiveness and attitude. It really makes me miss Tampa sometimes.

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  1. Striking colors, particularly as they both are on the same frond. Are those colors a permanent feature, or do they vary with the season?

    Fascinating scenery, JoAnn, particularly as you’re situated at the edge of the tropics, just as the treasure chest opens. What’s inside? Have a look!

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    1. Good question. From what I could gather from descriptions apparently the red part is considered the followering stage, which comes late in the plant’s life. Soon the plant will die but not before leaving behind other new little plants to take over. Interesting eh? 🌱

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      1. Definitely, JoAnn. Sounds a lot like the “air plants” one sometimes finds in stores and at flea markets up north here.

        Of course, indoors are our only option, whereas you see bromeliads in jaunts around your neighborhood.

        Your advantage. I’m jealous. Of course, we have blizzards.

        Wait, that isn’t much of a positive, is it? OK, let me think of something else…

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        1. You have skiing. I miss that. And a nice roaring fire in the fireplace when its cold. No need for that here. Just walking around outside in the summer is like being in a fireplace… all summer long 🔥🤣

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