Just another job scam?: IAPWE (International Association of Professional Writers & Editors)

Job and employment scams have become a colossal pet peeve for me. Legitimate sounding companies prey on those who are enthusistically seeking new opportunities to build their careers and earn a paycheck or supplement their income. In this cash-strapped world where the divide between what you earn and what you pay out is increasingly becoming narrowed, many of us are often on the lookout for new and better opportunities. More than ever, the scammers of the world have learned how to capitalize on peoples’ vulnerabilities.

I’ve seen ads from IAPWE (International Association of Professional Writers & Editors) over the last few years and it’s a case where everything just seems a little too good to be true. While they have a very impressive and legitimate sounding name, I’ve found numerous complaints about their scammy tactics. Apparently an unsuspecting writer is lured into becoming a member with the hopes of procuring paid writing assignments. Months later people’s accounts are being debited for monthly dues with no paid gigs in sight.

International Association of Professional Writers and Editors

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Paying to join such platforms has become popular the last few years and I have to say that if these companies are so good at what they do then why do they need to make money off the people who are trying to earn money. Shouldn’t they be making enough off of the companies who are hiring writers… that is if they’re really that good at doing what they do?

I’ve been on the fence about other such companies like Upwork and Medium. I was able to get a few assignments through Upwork but then things dried up considerably. Still, on occassion I would get a little nibble… companies who were “inviting me to apply” to their jobs but then I would hear little back from them.

I’ve published a few things on Medium and while it seems like a site that could be viable I’m also amazed at how much I am hounded to buy a membership. Give it up people, I’m not paying to be on your precious platform so that I can make you money off my work… ever.

So what do you think? Have you had experience with any of these or other such companies, whether good or bad?

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7 thoughts on “Just another job scam?: IAPWE (International Association of Professional Writers & Editors)

  1. To answer your question, no, I have no experience with these or any other supposed writer-recruiters. Though my current position does involve writing, it was a lateral move, as I applied originally for a different job altogether.

    That said, it boils the blood to read of scammers targeting the most vulnerable. Surely, the relative scarcity of suitable employment makes writers particularly susceptible. No doubt, each time a writer falls into the trap, he/she wonders initially if the “agency” offers a loophole others haven’t discovered. Judging from what you and others have reported, it almost never does.

    Really, this is much like evolution – move and counter-move, as each “species” tries to outwit the other. Just as applicants discover what scammers are doing, the bad guys “up their game” and employ craftier techniques, which in turn makes applicants even more wary/savvy…. And so on, and so on.

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    1. Yes, it’s a vicious cycle… like the continuous return of the black plague but forever dressing up in better and better duds. After a while it can get difficult to tell the difference without demanding the costume be ripped away before handing over your resume.
      I have to admit for me it’s becoming like an amateur detective game but for those just starting their careers it’s very unfortunate.

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