Memo at midnight: Love in the real world

Everyone dreams of romantic love… the realities of love are often far different than what we may wish for in our dreams though.

Love in the real world requires completely ridding ourselves of any expectation of perfection.

Here are just a few things true love really needs to survive.




The ability to empathsize.

The ability to communicate.

The ability to teach your partner.

The ability to learn from your partner.

And of course, true attraction and chemestry, which helps to make all these things easier.

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9 thoughts on “Memo at midnight: Love in the real world

  1. Astute, JoAnn, as your advice promotes genuine interaction, a way to maximize the benefits of a relationship.

    Expecting “perfection” is truly a selfish act, merely assessing how someone stacks up to your imagined checklist. It’s a purely solitary equation. Any wonder that pursuing it leaves one utterly alone?

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    1. Yes. Lol, I always think it’s kinda odd when someone rattles off their requirements for a date… or a mate… like it was a grocery list instead of an actual real person.

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