Mental health day ray cay may drat!

I feel like I’ve been posting way too much lately. I hate feeling like a limelight hog…

However, I was reading all about how today is “World Mental Health Day” or something to that nature and I just wanted to point out that when your struggling with mental health issues every other day can feel like “World Mental Health Day.”

Well now, I don’t want to be a jaded party pooper so let me say I’m truly glad that there’s a special day to recognize and celebrate all of us nutty people… just don’t forget dearies that we have to save some stamina to get through the other 364 days of the year. We need to conserve our energy for the long haul. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Wishing you all the best and I truly hope you all enjoy your Crazy Day celebrations! 😜🤪

2 thoughts on “Mental health day ray cay may drat!

  1. Good observations, JoAnn. It’s not at all about the one day, but rather, what you’re doing tomorrow, next month, in the next decade…

    Sure, WMHD is good for sharing with others where you currently are, yet that’s just one moment. Start there, then zoom up to 40,000 feet to look at the map.

    “You Are Here.” Fine, but I also need to see where I’m going too. So, what happens when WMHD is over? Does my coach turn back into a pumpkin? Hope not!

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