A list of the worst Halloween candy

Updated: 10/20/20

Bad Halloween candy is the stuff that lingers at the bottom of the treats bag uneaten until Valentine’s Day… or maybe even the following summer. Really, anyone who gives these out as treats or dares bring them to a Halloween party should immediatly be disemboweled.

It seems that a lot people have strong feelings on this subject considering it’s a popular Halloween topic across the web…. and of course this list is going to be quite subjective. So what about you? What’s your least favorite Halloween Candy?

Image result for orange black wrapped halloween candy

Peanut Butter Kisses – Those little black and orange wrapped candies that are supposed to taste like peanut butter but actually taste more like wall putty.

And they have the audacity to call them kisses!

Red Hots – I know a lot of people like these and I suppose Halloween is the perfect time to give them out as they are an appropriate symbol to signify a fiery pit of hell, but I just really hate them. Too hot!

Popcorn Balls – I can’t recall ever eating a popcorn ball that I actually enjoyed. The best thing you can probably do is use them in a kind of snowball fight but with popcorn balls instead of snowballs! Fun until someone gets hurt so use caution.

Raisins (or other dried fruit) – Sure, they’re a ten on the healthy factor, but they’re a zero on the fun factor. Yogurt or chocolate covered raisins or cranberries might be a tad better if you’re absolutely hell bent on providing a healthy treat.

Candy Corn – They do look fun and all with their triangle shape and audacious hues in the brightest yellow and orange you can find on earth but as far as taste you can save yourself a trip to the store and just eat straight out of the sugar bowl.

Mints – Mints are awesome, don’t get me wrong. They’re great for bad breath or an upset stomach, but kids simply do not want to see them in their Halloween bag.

Smarties – Little pieces of chalk with a tinge of flavor so subtle you nearly miss it. One package of these will suffice for an entire year as that’s the only one that tastes relatively ok. The more you eat though, the nastier they become.

Tootsie rolls – Tootsie Rolls are a bit of nostalgia for people of a certain generation.

For me these candies get old fast though. One thing I do love though is Tootsie Pops.

Image result for tootsie rolls

Lemonheads – I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that like these but I’ve personally never been a fan of anything artificially flavored with lemon. Too sour for my sweet self!

Photo of Halloween candy
(Photo: Sandra Cunningham, Getty Images/Hemera)

38 thoughts on “A list of the worst Halloween candy

    1. No definitely nothing “corny” about it 😁 I don’t think they bothered too much with flavor… it’s basically sugar and food coloring… so appetizing 🤢


  1. These days, in my part of the world, people are giving away some of their MLM product with a business card. How tacky! Of course the “product” that you receive is either old, expired, or partially damaged. Why would I be interested in purchasing something like that if it’s anything like the sample? Ugh!

    I enjoyed your post. 😊

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    1. Oh wow. That’s a new one for me. Tacky is right! Doesn’t seem like it would be too effective of a way to market a product either.
      Thanks for visiting. 👻🎃

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    1. Oh really? Money would be good as long as it’s not pennies although I am just old enough to remember when you could get penny candies. Too bad that homemade treats have dwindled what with all the safety concerns. 😕

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      1. A penny and nickle had value back then. I know of no problems with poisoned candy back then!

        Safety concerns have turned our children into homebodies that can’t go out on their own to experience the world. True knowledge comes from experience not information and such (Albert Einstein).

        I led projects of from 6 to 50+ computer types for 25 years at the US State Department. I had a certificate in computer programming not a degree. Everyone that worked for me had either a BS, MS, and even one with a Phd. I had to move the Phd programmer off my project because he couldn’t write a simple report program!

        I pontificate too much. Blame it on my age and advancing senility!

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        1. Right. There are few apprenticeship type jobs left at all. Now it’s all about getting a college degree that puts people in debt and doesn’t teach people real world skills. I love computers but I’m also just old enough to remember when we didn’t have them yet and in some ways I miss it.

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          1. Hell, a certified plumber makes more than most people coming out of college in debt over their heads. Having hired and managed over 150+ computer types, I can say the present generations are lacking in many of the necessary skills needed to do a good job.

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  2. Disagree about Smarties. While they’re a (far, far) distant second to SweeTarts, they’re not terrible. Speaking of SweeTarts, why did the orange variety go away? That was the best of the lot!

    Anyway, the rest of your list is exactly on point, JoAnn, especially candy corn and (ugh!) popcorn balls.

    Another entry in Hall of Infamy is Lil’ Hugs. While not a candy, strictly speaking, they’ve been inflicted on kids every Halloween for decades now. Even when I was a sugar-addled six-year-old, I couldn’t stand them.

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    1. Lol, I don’t think I’ve ever had Little Hugs. I’ll take your word for it though. I didn’t know smarties had an orange flavor either. The only flavor I kinda like is the purple.

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  3. Disagree about Smarties – a (far, far) distant second to SweeTarts – but they’re not terrible. Speaking of SweeTarts, why did they get rid of the orange flavor? Those were the best!

    Everything else, though, invokes a knowing groan, especially candy corn and (ugh!) popcorn balls.

    Another contestant for the Hall of Infamy is Little Hugs. Though they’re not a candy, strictly speaking, they’re inflicted, in their dozens, on kids every Halloween. Even when I was a six-year-old all hopped up on sugar, I couldn’t stand them!.

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    1. Haa, I didn’t even know the name. Had to look it up! I think your name is better though.
      We all have our likes and dislikes so its ok. I actually like the Valentine’s conversation hearts that a lot of people hate and only buy for the words printed on them.

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    1. Lol, when I was looking up Smarties it looked like there was several different candies with that same name. Seems confusing. The chocolate ones sound good. 😋

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