Elevators and escalators

It doesn’t happen so often now, but when I was younger, just before getting on an escalator, sometimes I would momentarily imagine myself being sucked in. My fear was probably more Tom and Jerry-esque rather than real-life panic and I would always laugh off my anxiety once I was safely on my way.

However, even these days I still sometimes imagine myself getting stuck in an elevator and all those crazy movies where people get stuck in elevators don’t help. One thing is for sure if I ever do get stuck in an elevator I definitely want Keanu Reeves or Bruce Willis to come and rescue me.

Believe it or not but such things do happen in real life, including highly unfortunate incidents with escalators. I started to look up research on this but it turned out to be tmfi… too much freakin’ information.

The mere act of living and keeping my head above water is enough. Life can often feel like getting stuck in an elevator or ground up by an escalator. That’s the craziness of life!

5 thoughts on “Elevators and escalators

  1. OMG, you too, JoAnn? When I was kid, I heard of a girl whose shoelace got caught between an escalator’s stairs. Within seconds, or so the story went, she was pulled in and mangled. Tragic, and completely implausible. In other words, a tale tailored perfectly for seven-year-olds, and we believed it.

    In fact, to this day, I’m still a little hesitant around escalators!

    Our office building’s elevators are equally fearsome. It seems one of the two is out of service at least every week. Consequently, I take the stairs. Leads to some huffing and puffing, but it is healthier that way.

    The last thing I want to do at work is to re-enact Bruce Willis. Bad enough on my way into the office. Heading home? “C’mon, I just want to frikkin’ leave!” No thank you.

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    1. Yes, I started to read stories like that and then I decided that this is one area I did not need to fully research. Some things are just better left unexplored… and yes, taking the stairs sometimes is the best option. Very smart on your part! 🙂

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  2. I had that with escalators. I was afraid that I would fall when getting off. And then there are always some id…, brainl…., thoughtless people, who stop right in front of the escalator when they step off, to orientate themselves, and I had to crush into them, because there were people behind me as well.

    To get stuck in an elevator is an absolute horror situation, which I have not experienced yet (touch wood). To be saved by Keanu Reeves would be a pleasant recompense though …

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