Winter in Florida…

This meme just about killed me! The brood of children in this photo look mysteriously like kids I could be related to.

The last few days in Central Florida have been a little chilly actually but thank God in the heavens above it will be back in the 70s and 80s by the end of the week!

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great New Year so far!

10 thoughts on “Winter in Florida…

  1. As it were, my friend’s wife won several days at Disney, courtesy of her company, and their flight leaves in the morning. While temps may be a bit sub-par by Orlando standards, they’re still far, far better than what’s left behind. Plus, like you, they’ve heard of balmier weather foretold.

    So, even exchange? Do you care to venture north to look at dormant trees? To thrill at sliding on icy roads and sidewalks? What do you say?

    Oh, I forgot – you used to live this, meaning these once (yes, ONCE) were your winters too. Fine, then – NO SALE! Enjoy your sunshine and coconuts, while we…build character.

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    1. Yes, I lived in the north for more than 35 years. I feel like I paid my dues and earned the right to enjoy Florida to the fullest. There are plenty of trade-offs believe me. Namely the sweltering summers, hurricanes and the decreased effectiveness of all things government. The Orlando itself area has a high rate of crime and every other person has a huge drug problem. But hey, who’s keeping track of all that in the sunshine. ☀️ 🍊

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      1. True, though, as you remember, we face many of the same challenges “Up North,” and we have to shiver while contending with them. Plus, our summers often swelter too, yet surely without the humidity, bugs as big as Volkswagens and alligators!

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