Reblog: The subject of bullying…

I think almost everyone has experienced bullying at some point in their lives… even the people who are doing the bullying… some of us have had it worse than others though and it has affected us in traumatic ways.

That’s why I was so glad to find this great blog dedicated to talking about the subject of bullying: The ramifications of bullying are far reaching and can lead to mental health problems, violence, suicide and a host of other problems. Please check it out… below I’ve listed some links to a few blog posts that I found particularly engaging.

Thank you and good mental health to everyone!

How to Fight Narcissistic Bullies? Just Sit Back and Give Them Plenty of Rope!

When I Look Back, I Don’t Wish I’d Been More Popular, and I Wish I’d Been More Secure and Loved Myself More.


13 thoughts on “Reblog: The subject of bullying…

  1. So many people don’t take bullying seriously. Teachers in school often have this attitude, “Kids are supposed to bully and be bullied.It’s normal.” And the teachers don’t want to be bothered.

    Bullying is serious, and bullying should be taken seriously. Kids often bully because they know they won’t be punished. I believe if they knew there will be consequences, they won’t do it. You don’t see kids picking on a strong child who knows how to fight, which means if they’re afraid of punishment, they won’t pick on anyone.

    Bullying should be punished. Young bullies should be punished strictly, and innocent kids should be encouraged to learn self-defense. It’s not the weather. It can be stopped, and we do have control over it.

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    1. So true. I wish someone would have helped me stand up to my bullies when I was in school. Back then the only thing I was taught is that if you treat people right they will treat you right. That’s bs. Unfortunately there are always people who will be mean and even evil if they believe they will get away with it. Hopefully things will start to change for future generations.


  2. Hi,

    the problem today is that many profit-driven companies thrive on systemic bullying their staff, incl managers into higher performance, which in the longrun backfires.

    I was bullied during bereavement which included Pret’s HR and former CEO Clive Schlee. I know it’s not the best way to speak out bluntly, but I almost lost my life and continue to seek independent investigation into staff suicides.

    Staff mostly dare to speak out in anonymity. I collected many reviews and complaints from review sites and social media, as Pret portrays themselves to be such an ethical company, while behind the facade it’s hell.


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    1. Oh wow. Sorry to hear about that. Yes, companies today are all about profit. Then again maybe it’s always been that way. 😕
      Going up against a big company is like climbing a mountain. I like the movie Erin Brockovich, she compares it to David and Goliath.
      I seriously wish you the best of luck with speaking out. Hopefully it will make some kind of difference. 🙂


      1. Hi JoAnn,

        yes, thank you for your kind words.

        Yes,I have already reached a lot which isn’t “visible” yet, as Pret remains silent in hopes this will all go away.

        I love Erin Brockovich’s story,I think she herself even once “liked” a Tweet I posted once, or it was someone related to her story. I have to find the post.

        But I’ve got a lot of things stirred in Pret like getting a journalist from the Sunday Mirror to gi undercover into Pret, getting some Pret staff into Unions and encouraging many staff to leave reviews on Glassdoor,Indeed & speaking out on Social Media etc.

        Yes, of course companies have always been profit-driven, but the systemic bullying I believe really increased and became generally accepted over the last 10-20 years with the globalisation and growth of large corporations.

        I think it has increased through the likes of McDonald’s and all these low-wage brands where other companies followed and copied these patterns.

        I also love the David & Goliath story of the McLibel case that I also feature on my blog. Google or even search within my blog “McLibel” and see the documentary wher 2 “small” people where bullied and sued by McDonald’s because unlike ALL of mainstream media they wouldn’t bow.

        I also do NOT accept it anymore that this is normal or that we just have to accept this evil of global corporate bullying where Amazon is the biggest lowpay bully.

        There IS hope, there ARE companies that PROOF that profit can still increase EVEN without exploiting and mistreating people.

        I raise awarenesson this as well and would love to see more exposure of the good guys as well. I cover this also on my blog that can be searched.

        I csn encourage anyone reading this to please check out GREAT businesses like employee-owned organic farmers Riverford (UK) and its brilliant founder/CEO Guy Singh-Watson.

        Or Hamdi Ulukaya, founder/CEO of Chobani (USA) who goes against the CEO playbook where it’s all about the shareholders & CEOs getting richer while empllyees suffer.

        Or my latest discivery, Dan Price, founder/CEO of financial service Gravity Payments (USA) who helps small businesses against greedy credit card companies who rip small biz off with high fees. Not only does he help small biz to get out of this trap, but he has cut his own $1 million annual pay down to $70K to give ALL his employees a minimum pay of $70K and has since seen his business grow!

        It IS possible, and there is a movement of good CEOs showing that it CAN and must be done differently.

        Please watch these short videos if each CEO! It will inspire anyone, will make you cry for joy and will give hope that we shoukd NOT resign ourselves to thebullsh** of the greedy mainsream!

        I collected the videos in my “CEO Heroes” blog:

        Pass on the good guys!


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      2. P.S. one more important item in the Pret situation is the “happy” facade Pret portrays to the public.

        The reality if this is the emotional labour Pret forces on low-wage workers with cash incentives & fear management.

        Why staff always smile so much and give freebies even though they’re bullied,stressed and fatigued.

        30+ questions Mystery Shoppers are tasked by Pret to test staff on every week for £200 reward:

        > <



  3. Thanks for the links, JoAnn. Lots of thoughtful articles that will keep me occupied for quite a while.

    As bullies target those with low self-esteem, people often figure the opposite is true of bullies, that their overbearing natures speak of abundant self-worth.

    Not at all. Truth is,bullies tend to think poorly of themselves. After all, lashing out and disparaging others hardly are the actions of someone confident of his/her place in the world. As you mention too, bullies often (almost always, in fact) had their own bullies once who deformed them.

    Not to excuse bullies, of course, but to explain them. This was their path.

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    1. Very true. Bullying is often a learned behavior. Kids that get bullied by someone in their family may turn and bully classmates because that’s what they’ve learned to do. Also, most bullies, in my experience, have a very fragile self-image. Controlling other people in negative ways makes them feel better about themselves for some reason.

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