Magnificent ice sculptures

After moving from New Jersey to Florida, it took several years before I actually started to miss winter just a little bit.

I still don’t miss it all that much… just a little tinge here and there.

Anywho, I enjoyed viewing these amazing ice sculptures and it made me think of winter just a bit.


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Cinderella’s coach

And… much closer to home, the ICEBAR in Orlando, FL

As well as the ICE! Exhibit at Gaylord Palms

31 thoughts on “Magnificent ice sculptures

    1. Hmm some kind of a tropical scene with palm trees would be cool. Disney has done some cool ice sculpture displays. I liked the little mermaid display although the Cinderella castle is probably the most magnificent. What sculptures would you like to see?


  1. Incredible, JoAnn! Thanks so much for the magnificence. Much like a blossom opening to reveal even more blooms, each one is even more impressive than the one that came before.

    Seeing the people standing next to some of these gives an idea of how immense (and mind-blowing!) they are.

    Cheers to you for managing the impossible, encouraging a stunned appreciation for ice, present wintery mix notwithstanding.

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    1. Yes they are magnificent and since it actually got down to the 30s (briefly) in Florida, quite appropriate at the current moment. The brief chill helps me remember that winter is indeed overrated and definitely not for me.


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