Florida flowers: Red Egyptian starcluster

Flowers and babies help renew my hope for humanity… I suppose this is the job they were meant to do. In an otherwise crazy and chaotic world we still have the wonderful and majestic beauty of such things.

Several months back I posted some awesome photos of the Egyptian Starcluster, which you can view here. They were sort of a blush-pink color tinted with a lovely magenta hue… quite magnificent.

Around the same time I snapped some photos of these red Egyptian Starclusters shining bright in front of an completely ordinary-looking office building here in Orlando.

Aren’t they just beautiful! I just adore them.

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Red Egyptian Starcluster – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL
Red Egyptian Starcluster – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL
Red Egyptian Starcluster – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

19 thoughts on “Florida flowers: Red Egyptian starcluster

  1. Achingly beautiful, JoAnn, particularly as they suggest what we northerners must wait months to enjoy. Not you, as Florida is, essentially, a giant live-in flower show. You don’t even need to worry about an admission fee either.

    Believe it or not, a few brave crocuses begin to emerge, though I’m afraid it’s a bit early, as winter hasn’t thrown in the towel quite yet. Still, they breathe promise. Plus, they’re of a kind that, elsewhere, produces saffron. Always the culinary angle, huh?

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    1. Well now you may be in luck. Besides the Super Bowl the other important event that took place yesterday was that Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early winter. Good news for you!
      I never knew that saffron came from crocus, so now you’ve taught me something new. 🌸🙂

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