Friendly Friday photo challenge: ‘Simple joys’

I’ve decided to occasionally participate in some photo challenges! I’ve seen plenty of these since starting my blog but I finally decided to check them out. Not only is it fun but it’s a also great way to interact with other bloggers!

My first offering is for the Friendly Friday photo challenge, which you can read about on Something To Ponder About.

This week’s challenge is ‘simply joys‘ brought to us by The Sandy Chronicles so I decided to post a super cute photo of my daughter’s cat when it was just a baby. The photo was taken a couple of years ago so this little kitten is obviously a full-grown cat now.

Alana’s kitten – JoAnn Ryan

Want to participate in the Friendly Friday photo challenge too? Check out the instructions on Something To Ponder About.

23 thoughts on “Friendly Friday photo challenge: ‘Simple joys’

  1. Delightful photo, JoAnn. You chose a supremely photogenic moment!

    Of course, I know that look in the kitten’s eyes all too well. “Pretend I don’t notice, then spring into action and go after that THING she’s holding! She’s playing with a toy. I want it too!”

    …or that would’ve been what happened after a few seconds. Had you left the camera/phone unattended, the next shot would’ve been of the kitten’s teeth.

    Well, at least that’s the journey your photo started in my mind. Thanks for the moment’s revel!

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    1. Its funny you should say that because that little rascal was quite energetic and more than a bit mischievous. I remember having a difficult time getting the the photo so I chose a moment when he was caught off guard. Then again I suppose that’s pretty normal kitten behavior. Crazy energetic until they suddenly crash and burn. 😀🐈

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  2. That is a super cute kitten. I suspect that she grew into a super cute cat too. Thanks for participating in Friendly Friday. I look forward to seeing more of you in the weeks to come!

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