Memo at Midnight: Thank you, powers that be, for the gift of music

When life gets to feeling like one sucky moment just seems to continually subside to another sucky moment I’m so incredibly thankful that music is here with it’s magical powers to heal the soul.

At its very suckiest, life that is, I simple lie back on my bed, or sometimes on the cool hard floor, and close my eyes. I concentrate on the music and nothing else. The words, the beat, the rhythm… helps me to feel better.

When I was growing up, despite my own mother being a very accomplished musician, I always remember thinking that there was something mysterious and unexplainable about music. I couldn’t even fathom that my very favorite songs had ever been written. Couldn’t imagine a mere human being being able to write, craft or perform such perfection. Even after learning to sing and play the piano myself I still feel the same. And despite all the computers and musical engineers we have these days, I still feel the same way also. After all, the human ear is still the ultimate judge and anyone who has set about crafting music will know that even with modern technology music still comes down to… hard work and magic.

Music is one of the greatest mindfulness exercises you can practice, especially for those of us who seem to forever be fighting to get control of our brain’s psychological functions. Enjoy it!

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John Lennon
Amy Winehouse
Def Leppard
Kurt Cobain
Linda Ronstadt
Jimi Hendrix

30 thoughts on “Memo at Midnight: Thank you, powers that be, for the gift of music

  1. Music is extremely important in this world. I know that it helps those with dementia feel better and become calm. Several of my family members with dementia would sit and relax to music just as a normal person would. If I am upset – I simply close my eyes and listen to my favorite music CD. I could not imagine life without music. Thank you for this nice post.

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  2. Oh, JoAnn, I most definitely agree! Music reaches us when no other means exist of salving our troubles, and it celebrates the good moments too, turning them to triumphs that will thrill us forever.

    A quote used elsewhere applies so beautifully here, as Handel asked nearly 300 years ago, “What Passions cannot Music raise and quell?”

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