Signs It’s Time to Cut a Toxic Person From Your Life | The Mighty

I read this article on The Mighty and found it so relatable. I have no doubt that many of you will relate to this also.

It can difficult to cut someone out of your life, after all this person probably has a lot of good qualities. You might have a lot in common and share a lot of good times, too.

But, the toxic person always has another side. The side that is mean and nasty. They don’t care about suddenly making you feel like complete garbage or stabbing you in the back. They have absolutely no problem with manipulating you and making you think it’s all your fault either.

If this strikes a chord with you check out the article below from The Mighty. Also check out this article I posted a while back about the dangers of verbal abuse:

I was amazed at how much this post related to a lot of you out there.

From The Mighty: It can be difficult to lose people you once felt close to, but you should never have to maintain a relationship at the cost of your happiness. We asked people the signs that told them it was time to cut ties with a toxic person.
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12 thoughts on “Signs It’s Time to Cut a Toxic Person From Your Life | The Mighty

  1. Great advice. Unfortunately working in a prison means being surrounded by highly toxic people all day, everyday. It takes it’s toll on your mental and physical health. I’ve had to learn new ways to keep my sanity.

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  2. I have gotten rid of several toxic friends. They stressed me beyond belief. It was like I was let out of prison when I broke ties with them. My life became so peaceful. No friendship is worth the anguish that toxic people put you through.

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  3. So true. It can be very difficult to break the cycle. Some people put up with various kinds of abuse for years for reasons that don’t always make sense to other people. Sometimes the fear of being alone or feeling unloved and disconnected is more powerful than anything else.

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  4. What you describe is crucial, yet it also is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Individual experiences may vary, though most of the time, the decision to jettison someone is gut-wrenching, and often inflicts the emotional equivalent of gutting oneself.

    At such moments, one is most vulnerable, and self-esteem is at a low. We are especially vulnerable to asking, “What if there’s something profoundly important I’m not considering? What if I do this and he/she is the last boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/one-time BFF/sibling I’ll have…ever?”

    Understanding this dynamic is vital to supporting someone who must make this decision. Just showing this person he/she isn’t alone and that. no matter what, you’ll be there, is key. Don’t force the issue. Subtlety, if any is at hand, will help. Be solicitous, and eventually this person will wonder why he/she didn’t make the decision years earlier.

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