Florida flowers: Pretty Peregrina on a picture perfect day

Today was one of those rare days that comes close to being perfect. A day neither too warm or too cold—where the sky is blue with just a few fluffy clouds floating by—a slight breeze tickling the cheeks feels like soft kisses. It’s a day that doesn’t require hurrying off to work… or really anywhere else. A day to savor.

Peregrina flowers – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

It’s about time, too! We’ve had some rather insane weather lately… abnormally cold days where the weather is so windy and bitterly chilly that it feels like I’m back up north. Then, within just 24 hours, the 80s and the humidity are back and on the attack.

I suppose all this just makes one appreciate a day like today… a day that you wish you could bottle up and open case of an emergency. You know, one of those days when life f—ing sucks.

Peregrina flowers – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

Enjoy these photos of the beautiful Peregrina flower. This is the more familiar name of Jatropha integerrima, which is native to the Carribean Islands. I have to say that amongst all of the many flower photos I’ve taken, these are some of my favorites. I just adore them!

Peregrina flowers – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

More Florida flowers:
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Peregrina flowers – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

18 thoughts on “Florida flowers: Pretty Peregrina on a picture perfect day

    1. Thank you and thanks for visiting. Yes, we definitely need many uplifting things to get us through this madness. 🙃🌺🍃


  1. These flowers are gorgeous. I love flowers, too. They are just beautiful to see, and they really brighten your day. Thanks for showing these lovely photos! 🙂

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  2. Bright choices, JoAnn! I especially appreciate the contrasting colors, with the golden interior and its crimson surroundings. Do the plants get much bigger, or did you snap full-grown specimens?

    The flowers begin to stir up north here too, with the daffodils and crocuses sending up shoots (though not flowering yet!) and the rhododendrons setting buds. Just hope it’s not too early, as all are two to three weeks ahead of schedule right now. Obviously, the mildness we’ve enjoyed most of February produced this. Fingers crossed it continues.

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    1. Good question. Judging from what I’ve seen online these plants can get much larger and have a more wild look. I found these particular flowers growing in a local restaurant parking lot so I’m sure they receive frequent landscaping intervention.

      I do miss being up north in the spring and summer. I used to love driving through the Homdel, NJ area in the spring. It’s magnificent!


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