Memo at midnight: When life kicks you in the a$$, repeatedly

Just a mere three weeks or so ago life was going great. Things were looking up. I was headed in the right direction… then slowly everything just went to sh*t.

It started with this coronavirus madness and then it’s just been one sh*t fest after another.

Well, screw it all I say because you know what I’ve discovered. When I’m going through a rough time and I’m on the verge of running through the park naked, flailing my arms so they take me away to the insane asylum, just at the point something miraculous happens. Something good always soon follows. If a good job has ended, I’ve gone on to get a better one. If a romantic relationship has ended, I wind up finding someone even better.

Life is like this… ups and downs… goodness and evil at war with each other just like them two trees from the bible.

Things will get better! Gee whiz though, sometimes it just takes a lot of patience… and of course hope.


8 thoughts on “Memo at midnight: When life kicks you in the a$$, repeatedly

  1. The frustration is intense, JoAnn. This time in particular, the slight seems to be personal.

    Why does Fate do this to us? A possible explanation –

    Hardship provides motivation like no other to adapt and to reform. In so doing, you advance civilization’s journey, as have our ancestors for millennia.

    Current conditions suck, but in enduring them you’re making things better for those who will come later.

    And the bright spots? In the most immediate sense, they’re necessary to keep us going, instead of just chucking the whole enterprise.

    Ebb and flow, wax and wane, thus unfolds progress.

    Hard to be philosophical at a time like this? Of course. Then, just think of the better day you know is ahead. All part of the future previous generations created just for us when they overcame their own difficulties.

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    1. Yes, ebb and flow is necessary I suppose to get us to work hard and appreciate the good times. That’s just the way our world was set up. Either it’s an elaborate plan to help us prove our tenacity or we are just ants in a farm for some larger entity. Who really knows for sure?

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