Re-blog: Blogging, and podcasting, about BPD

I’ve recently been getting to know a fellow BPD blogger over at Created Borderline and wanted to give a shout-out to her blog and podcast.

I love it when people with BPD decide to tell their stories and work toward educating the masses about this disorder. It’s all a step in the direction of breaking the stereotype and making BPD something that hopefully people have an increased understanding of.

It’s not easy to come forward and tell these stories but it’s so important for BPD to become less frightening for people with the disorder as well as all those people who have to come into contact with us.

Check out this post: Hungry

As well as this podcast: Borderline Personality: Let’s Talk About It

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5 thoughts on “Re-blog: Blogging, and podcasting, about BPD

  1. Most beautiful efforts and i admire your kindness.BPD is normal now a days because of materialistic world.nobody wants to understand others much thanks for introducing the Jungle Girl🌷

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  2. Thank you, JoAnn. Definitely some interesting reading for this evening.

    Appreciate your being so generous, not only with your own experiences, but with others that enlighten.

    It is we, your readers, who benefit from this providence.

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