Disney World reopens!

Strange times, at Disney World, my friend. Imagine going to the happiest place on earth wearing face covering and trying your best to social distance! Just imagine riding Space Mountain or The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster wearing a mask.

CNN News: (Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The opening has been praised by some and strongly chastised by others as cases of the coronavirus continue to remain high in Florida. Indeed it will be interesting to see how park attendence plays out. The opening of Universal Studios has been lukewarm as people seem to be shy about attending potentially crowded places.

It didn’t stop some people from heading to the beach recently for the 4th of July though…

For detailed info on visiting Disney World at this time visit the WDW coronavirus page: Returning to a World of Magic.

11 thoughts on “Disney World reopens!

  1. We were due to go to Disney World for our honeymoon last year but it has been postponed to this year (August). I have no idea whether we will get there but it will be strange to have social distancing and masks in place, especially when it’s so hot too. xx

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    1. Yes I know a lot of people who have cancelled their Disney plans as well. 😕
      It just doesn’t seem like too much fun right now… hopefully sometime soon we will get back to normal!! 🤞

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  2. I love Disney . We even went there Disneyland just a week before we started seeing covid19 cases in the Bay Area but knowing how deadly the virus could be, maybe next year when my family and I get a vaccine.

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  3. We were just talking about the re-opening at breakfast this morning.

    It is a tough one – on one hand, keeping safe and away. On the other, businesses needing to re-open so they can stay viable.

    I am afraid we will be taking the cautious approach to the re-opening of many public spaces.

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    1. Yes, its very true. Such a weird world we are living in these days! As a local who’s already been more times than I can count I would go but if I was planning my vacation from somewhere else I would probably feel like waiting for a better time. Indeed I believe they are relying on locals, especially passholders, as their main draw right now.


          1. Hello JoAnn
            I’m Maxwell by name and I see you’re a honest and smart too so I will love to know you better maybe we can share more ideas about life 🤠


  4. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, JoAnn, not for me until masks and distancing no longer are necessary. Whether that means a vaccine, the virus wearing itself out, or both, vacation will wait until it no longer is a matter of sheer endurance.

    Sorry for you, as Orlando was poised to get lots of my $$$, but not like this. Just wait to see what I kick your way in 2022, Orange County!

    On YouTube I’ve seen videos of both the Polynesian and the GF re-opening. Still stunningly beautiful, but equally empty and joyless. Not what I pictured in my mind. Not what many people pictured.

    The virus hasn’t won; vacationers just wait to take the field until it burns off its sugar high and stops spazzing out.

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    1. Yes, it’s amazing how the whole world is in limbo now until this thing passes. Still there are those people who refuse to take it seriously… the very people who are most likely paying the highest price right now.

      I feel most sorry for all the young people. I remember how important it was as a child and young adult to be out and about with other young people my age. I especially feel sad when I see young children wearing masks, but at least they are taking precautions to stay safe.

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