Florida flowers: The phenomenal flaming torch

This unique flower reminds me of the very first flower post I did on this blog, which ended up being quite popular and fueled all the numerous flower posts I've done since that time. Here it is: Florida foliage: The strange bottlebrush flower. As it turns out there's good reason for the connection as both … Continue reading Florida flowers: The phenomenal flaming torch


Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Remember that crazy turkey hat from my earlier post, Happy Catsgiving? I also found this gem of a photo! I’m definitely more of a cat person although I do have a fondness for cute doggies, too. Funny that this dog seems so deleriously happy while the cat just looks totally pissed off. Just one of … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Reblog: Blog Monetization: Your Long-Term Goal?

Great advice and suggestions for those of us who want to make money from our blogs. Happy Day! -Adora How awesome would it be to make a living out with your writings? To sit in your chair with your coffee doing what you love without thinking about the…Blog Monetization: Your Long-Term Goal?

Happy turkey and orange stuff month

Thanksgiving time is typified by a few staple things: turkeys and cranberriespumpkin spice everything (not complaining there)warm socks (even here in Florida)runny noses as the season changes (yes, here in Florida, too!)green bean casserolescornucopiassweet potato piesmemories of the past, feelings of gratitude for the present and prayers for the future Pinterest ebay.com Pinterest It's also … Continue reading Happy turkey and orange stuff month