Seasonal transitions… and carnation pink hibiscus

Halloween is over and I’m kinda missing it already. Time to make the transition into a different season and Halloween lovers might be feeling a bit bummed out at the thought of having to muster up all that holiday cheer.

It all seems especially difficult this year. Everything has been so incredibly crazy! So much turmoil and just plain craziness. Not to mention uncertainty about the future.

Pink hibiscus – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

Seasonal transitions are quite a bit different for Floridians than for northerners. No falling leaves or impending snow storms. No crisp air or slick roads. The temperatures are finally cooling down though and that is a much welcomed change from the boiling hot summer.

Beautiful flower photos definitely serve to give me, and hopefully all of you, a boost! Finding flowers to photograph has been a bit more difficult the last few months… I’ve had to search them out more so than usual. They obviously don’t like the sweltering summer heat any more than I do.

Hope you enjoy these photos of the magnificent carnation pink hibiscus!

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Pink hibiscus – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

In the photo above, the petals were listing gracefully in the wind.

Pink hibiscus – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

Pink hibiscus – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

15 thoughts on “Seasonal transitions… and carnation pink hibiscus

  1. Those stunning flowers look similar to the not so stunning, but interesting hollyhocks in my yard. I’ve always liked them, others pull them out as weeds! You have so many lovely plants and flowers. They must balance out the icky bugs and spiders and amphibians!

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    1. They do have some similarities. I think any “weed” that has pretty flowers is very redeemable. Don’t you think??

      Yes, it’s definitely a balance! Glad to have the flowers and year round greenery. 🍃🌺


  2. If we have to say “until next year” to Halloween, JoAnn, what better parting gift than these beautiful plants? Stunning photography, too, that captures their glory. To think, too, this is what you find just when you’re out and about. This is why you endure the humidity.

    Well, one compensation, at least!

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    1. Yes, it’s most definitely worth it. Beauty jumps out at you all the time throughout the year and that’s a great thing!!


  3. I love hibiscus! We can’t grow them outdoors in Denmark, and in a pot they do not get very big. Very often they get diseases, when they are inside the house. We have some smaller relatives of the hibiscus though, different kinds of mallows and the Hibiscus syriacus, which is hardy.

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