Memo at midnight: Cry me a river

Life can break your heart in a million ways… shattered it to bits. Life always finds a way to mend it though… to soothe, to renew hope.

Isn’t that remarkable.

What world is this?!? (Girl, Interrupted)

It’s a topsy-turvy world, that’s what it is… completely crazy poo. Effed-up. A world of ups and downs… of darkness, pain and evil…. a world of wonder, too… of sheer beauty… for a few fleeting moments it can be heaven on earth….

…and then it becomes utter hell again. And so on and so on…

I’ve cried a river and then some… enough to fill a good sized lake maybe. My tears could restore the Mohave Desert to an oasis. Somehow I’ve found a way to dry the tears time and time again… to thicken my skin until it’s like leather. To decompress the pain… to regurgitate the poisonous pill I’ve swallowed.

This is our world… a beautiful mess… a shiny Ferrari filled with broken dreams… a majestic mountain of despair… a garbage truck of renewed optimism… a bullet with butterfly wings! Love it or hate it…. it is what is.

Memo at midnight archee-vees


6 thoughts on “Memo at midnight: Cry me a river

  1. And all those tears worth the smile that is now on your face. I hope the hard days seem less lonely, more hopeful and you emerge as a winner after it all. Overcome with content and happiness. Shine on 💜

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