We don’t have to suffer in poverty

I’ve spent years believing that old stupid saying: money can’t buy happiness.

Much to the contrary. Money buys a roof over your head, food, transporation, security and hopefully stability. It can also mean the difference between living a life of constant stress and worry to living relatively stress free. Money goes a long way toward the quest of experiencing life to the fullest degree.

No, money is not evil. It’s just premium paper. It’s what people may do with money–greed, selfishness and crime–that is evil.

Poverty equates to hunger, poor health, stress and many other things. So, unfortunately we just do not live in a world where a person can prosper without it. Sad maybe, but too true!

Guilt over acquiring wealth is a very common problem. However, it need not be this way. We can still fundamentally be good people and still attain wealth.

Enjoy these quotes… no I don’t think a Lamborghini is more important than a relationship… but I still like the meme.


Love rules, but luxury can too!

Adorify Me

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More quotes: pinterest.com/ajprice7/luxury-quotes/

More quotes: quotlr.com/quotes-about-luxury


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