Happy turkey and orange stuff month

Thanksgiving time is typified by a few staple things:

  • turkeys and cranberries
  • pumpkin spice everything (not complaining there)
  • warm socks (even here in Florida)
  • runny noses as the season changes (yes, here in Florida, too!)
  • green bean casseroles
  • cornucopias
  • sweet potato pies
  • memories of the past, feelings of gratitude for the present and prayers for the future

It’s also the season of orange stuff. Stopping to think about it, I don’t recall anyone ever declaring orange to be their favorite color… it’s always blue or green or black or red (my personal favorite.) I do know one person who favors yellow, as bright and obnoxious as it can be… for real.

There are plenty of awesome orange things though:

  • juicy delicious oranges, of course
  • orange flowers
  • orange hues within rainbows
  • pretty little goldfish flittering around in the water
  • falling leaves, in cooler climates of course
  • construction cones to keep us out of danger
  • pumpkins, carrots and yams
  • orange fruits like apricots, peaches, mangos and cantaloupes

  • basketballs
  • devious little foxes
  • cheddar cheese
  • Cheetos and Doritos
  • (I’m getting hungry now!)
  • Tiger from Winnie the Pooh
  • orange tabby cats, Garfield especially
  • orange rain… oh wait that’s purple rain, isn’t it?

  • orange-tinted butterflies
  • the orange one going away soon… yeah you know who I’m talking about
  • candy corns, even though I hate em like crazy
  • orange sunsets
  • terracotta garden pots
  • and, of course, wonderful Thanksgiving-time

As Forest Gump’s best buddy Bubba once said: “…that’s… that’s about it.”

At least that’s all the orange stuff I could come up with at the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


17 thoughts on “Happy turkey and orange stuff month

  1. Orange is indeed a beautiful colour. I have problems deciding on a favourite colour. There are certain hues of every colour that I really like, even yellow, think of sunflowers … 😉 … and I also like black and off white (not white white, I look like a dead body in gleaming white … 😀 )
    That sunset is a dream!!! (Or is it a sunrise?)
    Have a good week, JoAnn

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    1. There are so many beautiful colors and shades… magnificent isn’t it?
      Ha,ha, I have trouble wearing white as well… I’m so pale! I probably look like a dead body in white, too… it’s also the reason why I usually always wear some kind lip color… it breaks up the pale! 😀

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      1. My skin tone is a bit yellowish, so it really does not go well with white, but fine with black and all earthy colours.
        Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow (I looked that up), Here we are celebrating Thanksgiving at the beginning of October.

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  2. Great compilation, JoAnn. Going down the list brings a contended glow. An orange glow, no doubt.

    How about tiger lilies? Do those grow in Florida too? Up here they line the roadsides. At least they do in summer.

    Then there’s Orange Crush or Fanta. Your choice.

    Kind of fitting, isn’t it, you live in (or near) Orange County, isn’t it?

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    1. I did list orange flowers but I could have been a little more specific… Tiger Lilies are beautiful. I haven’t seen any here as yet. I’m thinking they like cooler weather but not sure. Haven’t read up on them too much.

      Orange soda would have been a great inclusion! Orange County, blah, I live in Orange Co. so that wouldn’t have been any fun… there are little to no orange groves that exist in Orange Co. anymore. It’s fun to hear older native Floridians talk about the Orange Groves and the juice plants that used to operate here though🍊

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      1. I saw a map the last time I was in Florida, showing where the “frost line” has fallen over the years. That is, the farthest north you can go without winter frost.

        Apparently, at the turn of the (last) century it was just a bit south of Jacksonville, though in the course of 100 years or so the cold air has been marching south relentlessly, and now the frost line is well south of Orlando. In fact, South Florida’s the state’s only region still suitable for commercial orange groves. Floridians have an orange on their license plates, but unless residents live around Miami, the groves are just receding memories.

        So there you have it. Orlando, named after a Spanish ranchero long gone, located in Orange County, so-called for orange groves that fizzled out decades ago.

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        1. Hmm, that’s interesting how the climate changes and evolves. Yes, we definitely get our cold days here… luckily not too many. Just enough to give us a nice break from the heat!

          It really is sad that there are so few oranges trees here anymore 😕. I do know of a few cases of die-hard Central Floridians who still grow a handful of trees though. Nice to see!

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  3. Orange is a beautiful color! (Black is my favorite one though haha)

    And I am happy you’ve also included a fox in this list ❤ They're gorgeous animals – I am addicted to them to the point that people have actually started calling me "Foxie" 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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    1. Nice, ha ha!
      Black is my second favorite color after red. It tends to be my first pick for clothes though. I love foxes too. It was a late addition to my list but a great one! 🦊🦊

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