Feeling crummy on Thanksgiving?

I’m not alone anymore… but I’ve had more than one Thanksgiving where I’ve been alone and just felt completely down in the dumps about it. I’ve also had Thanksgivings where I chose to work all day, volunteered for the double shift, just so that I wouldn’t have to face Thanksgiving alone.

It’s not like that for me anymore and I’m very thankful for that. However, I know there are still plenty of people out there who are alone today… or are just feeling crummy for assorted reasons. Thanks to this crappy Covid thing, it’s bound to be worse for more people this year.

So, here are some things that will hopefully help. Humor is especially powerful!


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Awww leave that poor turkey alone. LOL!
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22 thoughts on “Feeling crummy on Thanksgiving?

  1. Thank you for your kind and memorable words, JoAnn. One of your signal strengths is the ability to use humor as a defense against an overly macabre perspective on – in this post’s case – being alone on a significant Holiday. Been there. It’s become part of the armor. Sill, that armor has since been modified to allow the good graces in I receive. I always come away from your posts with a positive perspective, no matter the topic.

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    1. Thank you! Glad to know it. Darkness always needs to have a good counterattack doesn’t it? Humor is definitely a very powerful salve. Being able to see the bright side of life is important and it took me so long to learn how to do it.

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    1. I stayed home and just rested. Even after Covid hit I still had a regular job to show up to. For me staying home is a great luxury! I hope you had a good day, too… even though it was probably just a normal day for you 🙂

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  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, JoAnn!

    Upon realizing lockdown allows larger gatherings for funerals that for festivities, my aunt reasoned that it she were to have a houseful of people this year (she didn’t, by the way), she could get away with it by classifying the meal as a funeral for a turkey.

    Morbid, yes, but still funny if you think about it.

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  3. From 22 to about 28, I spent most of my holidays alone. I worked them when I could for the extra pay.

    I remember, when I was young, single and barely making ends meet, just before Christmas I’d been evicted from a room I was renting and was living out of my car. I had nothing else to do so I dropped by a friend’s place on Christmas to pay a visit. There was several acquaintances there watching Hitchcock’s ” Rear Window.” I hadn’t been invited but he let me in and I watched it with them.

    After the movie was over, I overheard another one of my “friends,” a guy I’d shared an apartment with once, talking to him. The guy said “Why’d you let him stay? He wasn’t invited. He just doesn’t want to be alone on Christmas.”

    Never did really like that guy. He was an a$$. But it still hurt.

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    1. Wow, what a jerk. I think a lot of us grow up with the expectation that all people are essentially good people. Not true. When you’re alone you realize just how many cruel and heartless people there are in the world. It’s like they see that you are alone and for some reason want to blame you or punish you for it. It used to bother me a lot and once in a while it still does but mostly these days I just try to spend as little time even thinking about such people as I possibly can. Thankfully there still exists a handful of people who are just the opposite.

      Funny you should mention Rear Window. I just watched that movie Thanksgiving night. They had a Hitchcock marathon on TCM. It was great!

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  4. Well-timed! We don’t really have Thanksgiving in the U.K. but the subject matter is, I think, universal. High levels of self harm and suicide over holiday periods. Everything tells us we should be part of the celebrations. What happens if we aren’t?

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  5. The one with being awesome instead, that’s my favourite! In Denmark it is more Christmas that people don’t like to be alone. Maybe because it is also the dark time of the year. Thanksgiving is not such a big thing here, maybe for the farmers, but not really in town. Christmas is the time with increased suicide numbers, unfortunately.

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    1. That is really sad. Yes, I think being alone on Christmas is probably worse here with most people although I didn’t grow up with Christmas so it’s not too bad for me. I did grow up with Thanksgiving however so that’s always meant a little more to me!

      Yes I like that meme, it’s a take-back-one’s-power kinda meme!


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