Happy Tuesday. Optimistic coronavirus news… and the cutest tiny kitten ever!!

I’m feeling more hopeful about the future than I have in quite a long time. The coronavirus epidemic seems to have gone on for about forever at this point, however, an end does seem to be in sight!!

I heard the best of news today. Approval and planning for vaccine distribution here in America is happening now. The really, really good news though is the expectation that there will be 100% access to all Americans by June!! (As reported via Robin Meade/HLN)

2020 is no doubt gonna go down in the books as one of the worst years ever. The only place to go from rock bottom, however, is up. I believe 2021 is going to be just the opposite… maybe it will even be the best year ever!

We are all tired of this epidemic but we just need to hold on a little longer and keep being safe until then.

Happy Tuesday!!

P.S. Check out this too cute vid of a tiny new baby kitten… it’s so adorable you’ll just want to pass out! I’ve replayed it like five times.


5 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday. Optimistic coronavirus news… and the cutest tiny kitten ever!!

    1. Yes, the kitten is just too darn cute!I’m more than ready for this Covid stuff to be over just like everyone else. Having plans in place that will serve to end this madness is very reassuring!

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