Reblog: Optimistic coronavirus news… and the cutest tiny kitten ever!! – AdorifyMe

I’m feeling more hopeful about the future than I have in quite a long time. The coronavirus epidemic seems to have gone on for about forever at this point, however, an end does seem…

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Happy Tuesday. Optimistic coronavirus news… and the cutest tiny kitten ever!!

10 thoughts on “Reblog: Optimistic coronavirus news… and the cutest tiny kitten ever!! – AdorifyMe

  1. Oh, I love the video, JoAnn! Thanks for linking to it. Reminds me of when we brought our cat home from the shelter all those years ago.

    Nearly as inspiring is the good news, for a change, on the COVID front. If true (fingers crossed and all), it means I’ll make hotel and dinner reservations, and will book a flight, this coming June for a trip in May 2022. When I had to cancel earlier this year, it was a major disappointment. This could be just the tonic the situation requires! .

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    1. Aww, well I hope your cat doing well! Yes, hopefully this will be over soon. Having an end in sight is a lot easier than not knowing when things will ever be normal again! Florida is still here 🌞

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  2. The best is always yet to be, JoAnn. You are right to express your hope thusly. No one rises from bed without hope. As long as you have the faintest glimmer of hope, you are well on your way to doing and being something very special in tis world. Never let anyone steal your fire!

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  3. “You can’t feel good about the future
    we don’t know when the future will come on stage
    we don’t know if the future will be better than the present
    together we can make the present better than we
    think the future will be
    the future changes nothing
    the future isn’t here
    we can only use the present
    that use to be the future\to make the future fruitful!

    By: Van Prince

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